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Interactive HTML Bill-of-Materials (IBOM)

What is an IBOM?

InteractiveHtmlBom is a popular Kicad plugin that generates an interactive version of your bill-of-materials in the form of single HTML file. It shows your PCB and tells you where each components go and many many more quality-of-life features. It is available at this GitHub repo and I highly recommended this for your own project.

Project Manuals IBOM
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AI08 Devboard Coming soon Rev.1 (latest)
Ammeter Clock Rev.1 Rev.1 (latest)
Automata Minimal (SMD) Coming soon Rev.3 (latest)Rev.2
Automata Standard Coming soon Rev.3 (latest)Rev.2
Busdisplay Rev.3 (latest)Rev.1 Rev.3 (latest)Rev.2
Fibonacci SMD Rev.1 (latest) Rev.1 (latest)
Fibonacci THT Rev.1 (latest) Rev.1 (latest)
Morse Keyboard Matrix Coming soon Rev.1 (latest)
IMG Morse Keyboard PS/2 Coming soon Coming soon
RGB2048 Rev.1 (latest) Rev.1 (latest)
STM32 Notebook B6 Coming soon Rev.1 (latest)
Super Expander Coming soon Rev.1 (latest)
IMG Tiny Buck Coming soon Coming soon
TLC59025 Devboard Coming soon Rev.1 (latest)