This section listed most of my projects, both finished, in progress and abandoned.

I try to document as much as possible details, including pitfalls I falled through while making them, but it might not be fully completed. Make sure to re-evaluated the info provided before using them.

Click on the links below to begin.

Project Description Details
3D Cube Controller An ESP32-powered 8x8x8 LED cube controller
AI08 Devboard A small devboard for AI08 touch sensor IC
Amp Meter Clock A logic IC clock with ammeters as displays
Automata A logic IC 1D cellular automata visualizer with adjustable rules (THT/SMD)
Busdisplay A hex/dec 8-bit bus display
Fibonacci A 16-bit Fibonacci sequence calculator with logic ICs (THT/SMD)
Quad Isolated Serial Adapter A 4-channel isolated USB-to-Serial adapter
Morse Keyboard A logic IC keyboard that outputs morse code
RGB2048 A classic 2048 game, but with RGB LEDs
STM32 Notebook A pair of notebook covers that is also an STM32 devboard
Super Expander What if ATtiny85 has 512 I/O pins?
Tiny Buck (Coming Soon)
TLC59025 Devboard A devboard for TI TLC59025 Constant-Current LED Sink Driver (and its clones)